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Wow your guests with a truly magical first dance as husband and wife. We can make you look natural and confident much faster than you think! Depending on the amount of time you are willing to devote, our professional dance instructors will work closely with you to either create and develop a choreographed dance tailored to your specific song or help you gracefully improvise on the dance floor. If you don't already have a chosen song, we can help you with your selection.

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Dance Times Square is dedicated to making your wedding dance experience one of the most memorable moments in your new life together. Our exclusive wedding dance lessons are designed to teach couples to dance together with ease and comfort regardless of how experienced each person is.

We will make this the easiest part in planning your wedding. Our instructors have many years of experience in planning and choreographing wedding dances.
From helping you decide which shoes are best to dance in, to picking out your song and all of the other fine details that go into planning your first dance, we will be here to make this a fun and easy affair. We understand how stressful planning a wedding can be and we're here to make this as simple as possible.

Let us create a custom program for your perfect Wedding Dance!

Tips for a Memorable First Dance

1.Plan Ahead – Give the same attention to detail and planning for the special dance as you do your gown, invitations, and flowers.Give yourself time by planning your music and first dance at least six months prior to avoid being overwhelmed with last minute wedding preparations.

2. Select Your Music - Will you have an orchestra playing your wedding song? If so, we can use a recorded version during your lessons and for practicing at home. Not sure of the song for you? Our dance instructors can help you select a memorable wedding song that will make you smile for years to come every time you hear the song on the radio.

3. Selecting the Dance - We will help you choreograph your first dance to bring out the individualism in you. We can tailor it from a very simple, basic dance to a full blown choreographed jaw dropping performance.

4. Shoes - Choosing suitable shoes for dancing is important if you want to glide across the floor with style and grace. Our instructors will be happy to evaluate and make suggestions on shoes to make you look your very best!

Other Wedding Dance Services

Wedding Group Dance Instruction - Want to make a fun and memorable experience for your wedding guests? Consider having world class dance instructors to break the ice at your wedding reception. A sure fire way to get the entire guest list up and moving about the dance floor!

Wedding Reception Performances - Are you looking for an explosive performance at your wedding that will have people talking? We would be happy to send out a group of dancers to perform at your wedding reception. It is the perfect entertainment that can be customized based upon your wedding theme.

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